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Welcome to The Wildcat website. We are students at Hilliard Davidson High School who are enrolled in HDV’s journalism production. We are dedicated to bringing you high-quality news and information about HDV and the world around us. This a a student-run and and student-produced publication. We are responsible for all reporting, copy writing, photography, illustrations, media, and marketing.


The Wildcat Online and The Wildcat Magazine are produced by students in the Journalism Production class of Hilliard Davidson High School, 5100 Davidson Road, Hilliard, Ohio 43026. Being committed to accurate and high-quality journalism, any and all inaccuracies will be acknowledged and corrected in a subsequent issue.


All advertisements must meet the following guidelines to be acceptable in The Wildcat. The statement in the ads must be accurate and cannot be misleading. Ads shall not be in bad taste, make racist or sexual comments, or degrade a competitive organization. Ads may not encourage the breaking of laws, regulations or ordinances, or endorse any substance illegal for teenagers. We reserve the right to refuse advertisements on all controversial issues. The Wildcat can discontinue any advertisements for infraction of the above or lack of payment within 30 days.

The Wildcat is dedicated to the presentation and consideration of any and all ideas, excluding those that are libelous. As a public forum, we welcome student contributions. These must be signed, although names may be held upon request. We reserve the right to edit all contributions for length and grammatical accuracy, without altering content. Student submissions may not reflect the views of The Wildcat staff. All content does not necessarily reflect the values and opinions of the Hilliard Davidson faculty or administration as a whole.

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