Can Davidson Keep the Secret?

The following story was written by a student enrolled in HDV’s Journalism Production course.

By Audrey Hayes ’23

Photo by Carol Payne

On October 8-10th, Davidson’s drama department gave an impressive performance for their first play of the school year, kicking it off with an interview-style murder mystery called TRAP.

Trap is set in a local high school theatre that has been cursed due to the murder of a small child and the killing of the convicted murderer Jonathon, and his fiance Norma’s self-inflicted death all occurring in the theatre building. A group of law enforcement officers, forensic scientists, researchers, and a student named Kenosha band together to find the sources of their newest problem, the collective passing out of the audience on a fateful night at the theatre. Professor Menachap Herald, a researcher on the team, suggests the idea of a human-like, adrenaline-feeding creature named a Pharonoch who might be the reason for the audience’s passing out. We meet many characters along the way, some testimonies of outsider views, news coverage from across the country, the story of Kenosha’s experiences with the Pharonoch’s, and the single survivor of this mass hysteria. The play ended with the perfect twist, leaving the audience wondering what was real and what wasn’t.

Who even are the characters presented to us, and who are their real-life counterparts? 

  1. (Q) Would you rather be a superhero or supervillain and why?
  • HDV Sophomore Mia Perez (911 Operator, Deputy 2, Understudy Ensemble 3) says she would rather be a superhero to avoid being bad
  • HDV Freshman Bee Michael (Real Kenosha, Understudy Angela) wants to be a superhero, says it β€œseems cooler”
  • HDV Senior IIya Chernykh (Clifton, Sergeant Brock) wants to be a supervillain due to the monologues and seems more fun
  • HDV Senior Rachel Harrington (Heche) wants to start as a supervillain but then turn good, β€œSo Megamind? I want to be Megamind.”
  1. What is your dream future career?
  • Mia Perez wants to be a writer or game designer
  • Bee Michael has no idea what they want to do
  • IIya Chernykh is between being a criminal analyst or a profiler
  • Rachel Harrington wants to be an actress/voice actress
  1. How do you make your peanut butter and jelly sandwich?
  • Mia Perez says grape jelly
  • Bee Michael says just anything that is around
  • IIya Chernykh says strawberry jelly
  • Rachel Harrington says no way to jelly sandwiches, β€œI actually don’t like PBJ sandwiches. Ew.”
  1. What is your favorite meme? 
  • Mia Perez is with the classic Vine Β© β€œboom” sound effect (BOOM )
  • Bee Michael likes the infamous vine of β€œHurricane Tortilla” (Hurricane Tortilla Vine )
  • IIya Chernykh says anything with Loki. Lets see what Loki has to say about that.
  • Rachel Harrington explains herself with her image and a recreation.

Photo by Rachel Harrington

  1. Have you been binging any shows lately, and if so which ones?
  • Mia Perez says the anime β€œJojos Bizarre Adventures”
  • Bee Michael says the Korean based show β€œSquid Game”
  • IIya Chernykh says the Marvel comic series β€œWhat if?”
  • Rachel Harrington says she doesn’t watch TV normally but does β€œenjoy watching George Lopez or Two Broke Girls in the morning before school”