The Woman You Hear on the Announcements

The following story was written by a student enrolled in HDV’s Journalism Production course.

By Olivia Marginean ’23

A significant portion of Davidson’s student body was shocked last year when finding out that not only would they have a new superintendent for the 2021-2022 school year, but also a new principal. Whilst simultaneously juggling the new normal after the pandemic and a switch of administrative staff, students’ heads are on a swivel. This being said, I decided to talk to our new principal and find out a bit more about who she is.

Even as a young girl, Ms. Joyce Brickley was fascinated by the education system. She was surrounded by amazing role models in the classroom and had a phenomenal experience in her schooling. She believes this to be the reason she has always wanted to be involved in the education system, β€œI always knew I wanted to be a teacher, or just in education. I think that’s because I had such a great upbringing, good teachers and a great experience in my schooling.” 

Ms. Brickley has been an administrator in the Hilliard City School District for twenty-two years. However, that is not where her journey began. She started as a high school Spanish teacher, but when she realized she wanted to become an administrator she began working on her master’s degree. She claims, β€œI wasn’t dying to get out of classroom teaching, but a position opened up and it fell into place.” 

Her first administrative position was actually at Davidson, from 2000 to 2009 she was the assistant principal. She was then principal at Heritage Middle School for four years and principal at Darby High School for eight years. It was then when superintendent Mr. Stewart invited her back to her home base here at Davidson to bring a fresh and experienced set of eyes to the table as former principal Mr. Aaron Cookson entered a new chapter of his administrative career. 

Now that she is here, she has big aspirations for Davidson. After the recent chaos our country has experienced, she wants to be thorough in creating an environment in which students are comfortable. She states, β€œI just want to create an environment that people are proud of and a place they feel safe and respected, after that we can get to the learning part.”

Ms. Brickley is excited to lead Davidson through this year, after last year’s unexpected circumstances. With her experience and compassion, Davidson is sure to have an exciting year.

Photo by Olivia Marginean