Senior Car Paint

The following story was written by a student enrolled in HDV’s Journalism Production course.

By Ryan Paris ’22

Photo by Kayleigh Doherty

This past week the car paint was held. There is more behind this senior tradition than just painting a car. Every year there are 5 guys and 11 girls who are the student section leaders called β€œCATS guys /girls.” I am one of the CATS guys this year and there is a lot that the group does. They pick the themes for games, they get all of the materials, and organize certain events. One of those events that is a huge tradition at Hilliard Davidson is the senior car paint.

The car paint happens every year the week before the Coffman football game. It’s for seniors only and an event that has been going on for years. Davidson gets a junk car and the seniors destroy it with blue and white paint and even baseball bats

HDV Senior and CATS girl Abby Emory walked me through the process. β€œFirst we had to find a place to have car paint. We called Franklin county fairgrounds and they said we could have it there. Then we collected money for the event. Then we called Woody’s Towing and they said they would supply a car and the towing. Then we bought the paint from Sherwin Williams. Finally the day of, the car was towed to the fairgrounds and we set the paint up around the car.” This process was worth it and ultimately ended in a very fun night. 

HDV Senior Conner Manos talked about what made the night so memorable. β€œMy favorite part was being around my friends but also the other kids in my class that I don’t all talk to, all together having a good time.” The event turned out to be very fun for all of the seniors. 

The football team was able to defeat Coffman that week in a great win 43-28.

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