Davidson Students Take To The Streets In A Collaborative Mural

The following story was written by a student enrolled in HDV’s Journalism Production course.

By Olivia Marginean ’23

This past summer, HDV seniors Charlize Collins and Audrey Severns took the biggest opportunity of their high school art careers to lead in the creation of a mural unlike anything they’ve ever done before. 

Charlize was sent an email for a summer workshop trying to accumulate students for their program located in Franklinton, Ohio. She had been to something similar before and decided to look into it. Charlize then encouraged Audrey to join this summer program with her and they ended up creating some moving  pieces. 

Inseparable since seventh grade, the artists were inspired and thrilled to be working together for the last summer as they head into their senior year. They aspired to capture their friendship and different art styles as they poured their hearts into multiple pieces of work.

While creating this piece was fun for them, it was also hard work and a significant challenge. They had never worked with a canvas this large, and they even used new mediums they were not familiar with. In addition, the pair struggled with some creative differences. 

β€œWe definitely had creative differences. We have very different art styles, but it’s fun to kind of go off of each other. She’ll ask me questions about what she should do, and I’ll ask her questions about what colors I should use or something I should change.” said Audrey Severns.

However, their tightly knit bond helped them to create a unique piece that incorporated both of their art styles. 

β€œIt has me and Charlize in a weird version of us. So, it relates to me because it’s me and my best friend,” said Audrey Severns. 

Throughout all the fun, there were still hardships in creating a piece to this scale. Charlize’s main struggle was the final details that truly made the piece look like her original vision from a distance. However, the enjoyable aspects were what helped the most in correcting those mistakes, β€œRefining it. Adding things, taking away things, and overall details were the fun parts” Charlize explains.

Overall, they’re both thrilled to not only have this experience but to have created such a beautiful piece! They are excited for the opportunities it will soon bring to their artistic careers.