2021 Homecoming: Under The Stars!

The following story was written by a student enrolled in HDV’s Journalism Production course.

By Audrey Hayes ’23

Davidson Student Council brought us our very own night β€œUnder the Stars” in the Davidson stadium, on September 25th. Here is how Davidson students prepared for and enjoyed the night.

Students enjoyed getting ready, taking pictures with friends, and going out to eat as well as the actual homecoming dance. HDV Junior Erin Bowers says she went to downtown Dublin and took pictures with friends and ate at The Cap City Diner before the dance. HDV Junior Darin Ordille took a more fiery route, dining at the Daruma steakhouse with his friends, saying it’s β€œone of the best dinners he’s had.”

HDV Freshman Haven Sartain says she was β€œExcited about being able to have a real dance,” and that β€œThe student council did very well, it was nice to have a space to talk and dance with friends.”

Those who have attended homecoming previous to COVID still enjoyed this homecoming. HDV Junior Lynn Karmilowicz says they had a much better time this year than their freshman year, with the location definitely improving its quality. They found some of their personal highlights to be β€œhaving a date and being able to see people not in their classes.” Davidson’s very own homecoming royalty, HDV Senior Rishab Ganesh, attended his first homecoming last weekend, and says he feels like things are β€œreturning back to normal.”

The excitement of returning to normalcy has been looming over the population since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, and homecoming this weekend helped to bring back that feeling of normalcy for Davidson students. Erin Bowers said β€œit feels better because everything is going back to normal.” and HDV Sophomore Brianna Hickey said she’s β€œGrateful we can do these things again.” 

Roger Bauer (left) and Thomas Snyder (right) encapsulating the joy of the night, photo taken by Assistant Principal, Mrs. Clausen